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Our aerial lifts are designed to make your work easier in any situation.

The main advantages of aerial lifts are:

  • Maximum safety and stability
  • Simple and quick machine set-up
  • Platforms that are easy to maneuver due to compact dimensions so operators can reach the maximum height safely, both indoors and out

Our speciality is Tracked lift Platforms for narrow access situations leveraging your versatility. These compact machines have extraordinary outreach and work abilities. Advantages include:

  • All of our models have two sources of power: Honda gasoline engine for outdoor use and 110V electric motor for indoor use. Also some lifts are available with long-lasting lithium batteries.
  • Tows behind a regular pickup truck; fits through a narrow door or gate into a backyard; these small machines can be towed on your own trailer saving pickup and delivery costs.
  • These ultra-light machines allow setup on steeply sloped areas, suspended floors or on delicate garden beds or lawns not causing wheel damage caused by heavy machinery. The machine allows climbing of major inclines and flights of stairs in front of buildings, allowing the machine to gain entry, over all obstacles.

We are your “One-stop shop for all your tight access lifting needs”

When you choose Momentum to supply your company with a new, pre-owned or rental of specialized aerial lift equipment, it is just the beginning of our commitment to you.

We ensure that your company will not only receive the proper equipment to do the job in the most cost-effective way, once you take delivery of your new inventory, we are ready to take care of any service needs.

Value, quality and support allows us to offer our customers a quality economic solution to their lifting needs. Our greatest asset is our customers.


  • Fully Proportional Hydraulic System with leavers in basket and at turret base
  • Elctro-mechanical safety and ground pressure monitoring system
  • Automatic side reach limiting
  • stabilizers/booms interlock(outriggers disabled once boom in operation
  • Articulated boom with fly job for greater versatility
  • Rubber tracks
  • Lock valves on all the actuators 13HP Honda Gasoline Engine
  • 110V Indoor use pollution-free Hydraulic system 110V outlet in the basket
  • Emergency Hand Pump Hour Meter
  • 2-man basket (easy to remove)
  • Removable outrigger pads
  • heavy duty shield package
  • air-water outlet in basket
  • Dual electric 24v battery/110v AC indoor use version
Working Height: 60’ Turret Rotation: 360 Max Capacity: 441lbs
Side Reach at 176lbs: 30’10” Side Reach at 264lbs: 27’1” Side Reach at 441lbs: 22’9”
Total Weight : 5,290lbs Gasoline Engine: 13HP Driving Speed 1.25MPH/2kmh
Transport Length: 16’2” Stowed Height: 6’3”/7’ Length without basket: 13’11”
  • Service Friendly Simple controls system, easy to repair on site.
  • Ideal for Tree professionals
  • Replaces the use of scaffolding on many projects
  • High inside spaces such as atriums or shopping malls
  • TV & Film Work
  • Painting contractors
  • Public restoration projects, such as churches and libraries
  • Telecoms
  • Underground parking garages, where weight restrictions may apply.
  • Super compact narrow Access Solutions (fits through regular doorways)
  • Building Maintenance
  • Delicate floor finish, indoor tracks
  • Grassy slopes; uneven ground, with the use of stabilizer legs