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The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks, making it a highly versatile product to have on hand. While mainly used on construction sites, ground protection can also be used for:

  • Indoor Worksites: Ground protection allows heavy equipment to be used on indoor work areas, without causing damage to the worksite. This includes gymnasiums, churches, shopping centres or stadiums.
  • Commercial Contracting Sites: Ground protection ensures the area around a house, historical sites or other smaller buildings are not damaged while workers and contractors work on-site. This includes roofing projects, painting and siding, renovations, repairs or tree trimming. Ground protection ensures the work gets done in all kinds of weather.
  • Outdoor Events: Protecting the ground for outdoor events including weddings, concerts and sporting events. Ground protection allows staff and guests to stay clean and dry, while allowing heavy equipment including seating, stages, and lifting equipment to placed on the firm, solid surface.
  • Temporary Infrastructure: Ground protection panels and systems can provide temporary pedestrian walkways, roads and parking areas.
  • Cemeteries, Landscaping and Golf Courses: Ground protection is used for digging grave sites to ensure there are no tire tracks and ruts. Ground protection mats also provide needed traction and access over sand, mud and marshy areas. This ensures workers, guests, equipment and vehicles are protected.

Your Next Project Needs Ground Protection

If you’re not already using ground protection on your worksite, consider the following 6 benefits:

  1. Virtually Indestructible: The high-density and durable material allows the mats to bend without breaking while carrying heavy duty equipment including cranes, tractors, backhoes or bulldozers.
  2. Easy to Build: Walkways and roadways are built in minutes, almost anywhere.
  3. Adaptable to Inclement Weather: Safe to use in cold and wet conditions without damaging turf
  4. Easy to Clean: Clear mats of dirt and gravel by simply hosing down.
  5. Slip Resistant: Offer good traction making it safe for vehicles and pedestrians.
  6. Cost-Saving: They do not rot or deteriorate allowing them to be used for years.

Choose Momentum for Ground Protection

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