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For some tree care services, arborists can rely on climbing or bucket trucks to complete the task. But what happens when there are additional complications, such as narrow gates, working on uneven ground or neighbours that won’t allow access on their property?

In these situations, arborists are choosing specialized lifting equipment known as a spider lift.

Spider lifts enable arborists to:

1. Reach heights required for removing tall trees.

Some spider lifts can reach as high as 100 feet. This enables arborists to reach tall trees that are growing in confined spaces and can’t be removed by other means.

2. Access any property.

No matter how large the backyard is, lifting equipment can only be accommodated through the gate. Spider lifts can fit through narrow spaces including most gates and between most structures to get the job done.

3. Set-up on uneven ground.

A spider lift has “legs” that lock into place, guaranteeing stability. This allows arborists to set up on steep banks, uneven areas or soft terrain to access trees.

4. Prevent damage to property.

Heavy trucks on wet yards can cause deep ruts. The spider lift moves using tracks rather than wheels and is light-weight compared to a bucket truck.

5. Keep staff safe.

Spider lifts allow removal of trees that are unsafe to climb, such as trees that have decayed. The spider lift allows crews to remove trees without being in them, a much safer solution.

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