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Bibi 1470-HE EVOWorking at heights? Instead of using a ladder or scaffolding, consider a scissor lift for your next construction project or contractor job.

While traditionally used in industrial settings, scissor lifts have grown in popularity in recent years for typical construction, maintenance and repair projects. As you’ll soon learn, it’s not hard to see why!

But first, what exactly is a scissor lift?

Also known as an Aerial Work Platform (AWP), a scissor lift is used to elevate workers to high areas. They include a large movable working platform that can fit several workers along with any tools, supplies or equipment required.

The platform sits on top of crisscrossing braces that are drawn together mechanically to move the platform up and down. Most scissor lifts are designed to only move up and down, but some are able to move a few feet horizontally.

While scissor lifts come in a variety of models with varying lift capacity and height, typically most can accommodate be-tween 2 to 4 people and operate between 6 and 26 feet.

Advantages of Scissor Lifts over Ladders and Scaffolding

1. Enhanced safety for workers

Working at heights adds risk to your job site. Scissor lifts protect workers from accidents and falls because the entire plat-form is gated with railings.

2. Easy to operate

Scissor lifts are easy to operate and require minimal training to use. Workers can pause the the lift at different heights to work seamlessly and complete the tasks more effectively.

3. Ability to work in difficult areas

Scissor lifts are compact machines that can fit through narrow doors, gates in a backyard or other tight access spaces.

Some scissor lift models also feature crawler tracks for added agility and stability, when working on uneven terrain or sloped areas.

4. Multiple uses including indoor and outdoor use

Scissor lifts can be powered by gasoline engines or electric motor, allowing the flexibility to work indoors or outdoors.

Typical indoor uses include changing lights, hanging signs, reaching high shelves, painting or routine repairs. Typical out-door uses include cleaning gutters, trimming trees, washing windows or other construction-related tasks.

5. Easy to transport and Store

Scissor lifts are light and compact. They can be towed on a trailer with a pickup truck.

When not in use and fully retracted, they take up little space and can be stored easily in small work spaces including offices, warehouses or other work sites.

The Almac scissor lift is the only one of its kind in Canada. The compact tracked machine uses a BI-levelling system, which means end users can travel on grades with their scissor lift platform fully extended without having to stop each time to re-position.

Choose Momentum for your Next Scissor Lift

Momentum Lift Equipment is the first equipment rental business in Ontario to offer Almac mini tracked aerial platforms and crawler scissor lifts. If your next project requires working at heights, contact our knowledgeable sales team to find the right equipment for the job. Contact us at 416.235.0996


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