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It can be difficult to select the right kind of lift equipment. To help you choose the best equipment for the job, here are the 6 major factors to consider.

6 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Lift

1. Height

Height requirements is arguably the most important factor to consider when choosing lift equipment. Some projects require minimal height movement, such as up to 25 ft. While others require substantial height abilities, such as over 100 ft.

Momentum carries scissor lifts that range from 25 ft to 47 ft and spider boom lifts that range from 43 ft to 106 ft.

2. Size

Size is another important factor and could include things such as: your available storage space, whether the lift needs to be towed behind a work truck, and the ability to access narrow spaces.

For example, if you are working in a building with narrow doorways, this will require a different aerial lift than one used in a wide-open job site.

We carry a wide range of lift equipment to fit your size requirements. We specialize in tight access spaces including elevators, doorways and gates. Or if you simply need a lift that will tow on your pickup truck.

3. Movement Required

Consider what type of movement you’ll need to get the job done effectively. Depending on the type of lift, you can move either only vertical, or both vertical and horizontal.

Most scissor lifts can only move vertically. Spider boom lifts can move both vertically and horizontally.

4. Weight Capacity

For safe operation, you’ll need to consider how much weight capacity you need. This includes accounting for the number of workers and their equipment.

For example, your job efficiency can be greatly enhanced if your lift has capacity for several workers and their equipment, such as using a scissor lift. Spider boom lifts usually have smaller platforms, therefore they hold fewer workers and materials.

Our scissor lifts offer the most space and weight capacity for several workers and equipment. Depending on the scissor lift, weight capacity range from 551 to 661 lbs.

5. Power Source 

Power source is important to consider depending on where you are using the lift. If you are working indoors, electric motors are quieter and have no emissions. Some lifts are available with long-lasting lithium batteries.

If working outdoors, gasoline powered engines are a popular choice. For added flexibility, chose a model with dual power.

6. Job Site Conditions 

Is your terrain steep and tricky, flat and smooth, or is it delicate and soft? The conditions will determine the type or model of lift you’ll need.

Our scissor and spider lifts are available with crawler tracks for added agility and stability, especially if your job site has uneven terrain and sloped areas. If your job site is delicate and soft, you may also want to consider adding ground protection mats.

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