Platform Basket Spider 13.80 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 1 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 2 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 3
Platform Basket Spider 13.80 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 1 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 2 Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED 3

Platform Basket Spider 13.80 ED

Bi-energy (petrol + electric) (Product Codes: PBS-1380ED)

This self-propelled, telescopic, tracked spider lift is the most compact machine of its family. Weighing only 3900lbs, it is less than 3ft in width when fully stowed, while attaining heights of up to 43ft.

Working height: 43.9ft

Horizontal outreach: 25.6ft

  • Platform height: 37.4ft
  • Rotation angle of the turret: 360°
  • Basket capacity: 485lbs
  • Length stowed (basket detached): 13.8ft (11.6ft)
  • Width stowed: 2.6ft
  • Height stowed: 6.5ft
  • Machine weight: 3900lbs
  • Working footprint: 9.2ft x 9.2ft

  • Known for its incredible horizontal reach much closer to the ground and flexibility in all work environments.
  • Reaches a height of over 43ft straight up with a massive 485lbs in the basket and can maneuver through standard 35in door.
  • Adjustable tracks come out to improve stability, or close in to assist in gaining access through narrow doorways, gates, and garages.
  • Bi-energy model has a 200Ah Lithium Ion battery for emission-free use.
  • Wired remote control makes the machine extremely easy to relocate.
  • The machine can be transported by a light-duty pickup on a trailer.
Features and application

Spider 13.80 Series is synonymous with versatility, compactness and ease of use, in accordance with the guidelines of Platform Basket spider range.

The 13.80 ED is perfect for indoor work, equipped with white non-marking tracks, and a lithium battery pack for emissions free use. It is an ideal candidate to fit into service elevators, and access doorways and other tight spaces.

  • Unrivalled stability at high altitude
  • Ultra-compact stabilization with leveling sensor and zero tail gate
  • Agile and stable on a variable width crawler tracks
  • Wired remote for drive controls
  • Smooth and multifunction proportional basket and stabilization controls
  • Diagnostic display for easy maintenance
  • Simple and intuitive on-board equipment
  • Ultra-light and easy to transport
  • Standard with double drive speed
  • Fully protected by metal covers against falling objects
  • 200Ah Lithium Ion battery for emission-free use
  • Air/water and 110Vac outlets are available into the basket
  • Bi-energy powered by Honda iGX390 gasoline engine and 110Vac electric pump from mains
  • Supplied with counter-weight to increase the side outreach
  • Quick detach (w/o rotation) and interchangeable basket
  • Non-marking rubber tracks to prevent marking on concrete, paving, tiles or other fragile surfaces


Arborist, painting contractors, electrical, maintenance, shopping centres, churches and more!

Technical specification
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  • Technical-Leaflet-SPIDER-13.80

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  • Platform Basket Spider 13.80 Video

Single doorway access

option 2

Massive 485lbs in basket

Basket 13.80

Single or dual voltage AC motor


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