2714 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 1 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 2 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 3
2714 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 1 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 2 Platform Basket Spider 27.14 Series 3

Platform Basket Spider 27.14 ED

Bi-energy (diesel + electric) (Product Codes: PBS-2714ED)

The 27.14 comes standard with a radio remote, and is built with a double pantograph like the 22.10. It offers an impressive working height of 88ft, while being narrow enough to fit through at 35in single door. There is no rival to this machine in size/reach ratio.

Working height: 88.6ft

Horizontal outreach: 49.5ft

  • Platform height: 82.1ft
  • Rotation angle of the turret: 360°
  • Basket capacity: 510lbs
  • Length stowed (basket detached): 22ft (19.4ft)
  • Width stowed: 2.9ft
  • Height stowed: 6.6ft
  • Machine weight: 11350lbs
  • Working footprint:
    • Wide - 13.1ft x 15.1ft
    • Narrow - 9.5ft x 18.4ft

  • Bi-energy model has 400Ah lithium ion battery for emission-free use.
  • Delivers the most reach from the smallest dimensions – the tracks expand to 6ft for stability off-road, and retract to only 2.9ft which allows the machine to go anywhere.
  • Can rotate a full 360° even when the legs are set in the narrow position, and up to 49ft of horizontal outreach can be achieved in the wide set position.
  • It has to be experienced to believe how stable this platform is, making it ideal for the heavy-duty applications, and it’s still right at home indoors or on fragile surfaces.
  • Reaches a height of over 88ft straight up with a massive 510lbs in the basket.
  • With only 2.9ft of width and with a hydraulically operated undercarriage, enables the machine to pass through a single door.
  • When tracks are in a wider position the off-road stability of the machine is guaranteed in any uneven ground situation.
Features and application

All features that meet the continuous demand of the market that wants to access platforms as compact and light as possible, but with very high performance. The most compact and easy to use machine.

The machine's outreach is unrivaled when compared to counterparts, making it an amazing tool for projects requiring up and over access.

  • A double pantograph with jib
  • Only 2.9ft wide, able to go through a single door
  • Automatic stabilization and automatic storage device
  • Rapid movement even in multi-function
  • 33ft “Up and Over” clearance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple and intuitive on-board equipment
  • Bi-energy model has 400Ah lithium ion battery for emission-free use
  • Air/water & 110Vac outlets into the basket
  • Total protection for hydraulics pipes
  • Bi-energy (diesel + lithium ion batteries) available on demand
  • Fully protected with steel covers
  • Comfortable cage, with 510lbs capacity (2 operators)
  • Cage interchangeable with winch (optional)


Utilities & telecom, tree lopping / arborist, painting contractors, electrical, roofing, maintenance, shopping centres, churches and more!

Technical specification
Download / Watch
  • Technical-Leaflet-SPIDER-27.14-

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  • Spider 27.14 Video

Single Doorway access

spider narrow 2714

KUBOTA Diesel Engine


Electric Motor option


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