Spider Lifts

Italian made CMC range of spider lifts come in different heights and outreaches. All models have expandable tracks and quickly removable baskets that allow for easy manoeuvrability and stability. These machines are lightweight, compact and come with intuitive controls. Excellent for maintenance work, arborists, indoor applications, construction or any other work that is hard to access with ordinary work platforms. Check out our rental fleet or order new ones for your fleet.


Equipment for rent

  • 3315

    Platform Basket Spider 33.15 ED

    Bi-energy (diesel + electric) (Product Codes: PBS-3315ED)

    Working height: 106.3ft Horizontal outreach: 51.2ft

    • Unique telescopic articulated boom design with exceptional up and over reach. • Fits through a commercial doorway.

Equipment for sale

  • CMC S41

    CMC S41

    Standard (petrol) (Product Codes: CMC-S41)

    Max. working height: 134.5ft Mac. outreach: 62.3ft

    • Basket with quick release system and wheels • 81 different combinations of stabilization with matching automatic outreaches

  • CMC S32

    CMC S32

    Standard (petrol) (Product Codes: CMC-S32)

    Max. working height: 104.9ft Mac. outreach: 52.5ft

    • Basket rotation +/-90°(180°) with hydraulic engine • Multiple stabilization areas

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  • Scissor Lifts Scissor Lifts

    Mini crawler scissor lifts featuring the patented bi-levelling system are designed to offer performance, safety and comfort even in the most extreme conditions. Comes in varying heights, engine types and features.

  • Material Handling Material Handling

    Multi-loader is the last generation tracked crawler carrier, equipped with bi-levelling system and radio controls.

  • Boom Lifts Boom Lifts

    Innovative crawled telescopic Jibbi booms from AlmaCrawler have an efficient dynamic levelling system, useful to further improve the safety level of the operators at height, thanks to the possibility of compensating different types of slopes and altitudes.

  • Ground Protection Ground Protection

    The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks, making it a highly versatile product to have on hand. We offer a range of easy to build, lightweight, weather-proof, slip resistant and durable ground protection mats.

  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Customer service

The momentum commitment

When you choose Momentum, it is just the beginning of our commitment to you. We go above and beyond to ensure our machines are inspected and maintained to ensure your safety. Our significant industry experience and personalized customer service means you can trust us with all your needs. We are family-owned and proudly Canadian and are tirelessly committed to our customers.

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