Scissor lifts can elevate your workers to high areas to work on exterior or interior jobs safely and effectively.

These lifts feature a large platform designed to carry several workers and equipment. Reach heights from 25 feet up to 47 feet safely with a high-performance scissor lift from Momentum Lift Equipment. 

Contact our knowledgeable Sales Team to help choose the right scissor lift for your needs:

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Bibi 850-HE

Bibi 1270-HE LIGHT

Bibi 1270-HE

Bibi 1470-HE

Bibi 1470-HE EVO

Bibi 850-BL

Bibi 870-BL

Bibi 870-BL EVO

Bibi 1090-BL Bi-Energy

Bibi 1090-BL EVO

Bibi 1090-BL LIGHT

Bibi 1090-BL Bi-Energy

Bibi 1090-BL Elec