Frequently asked questions

What are the documents required for a rental?

We require you to provide us with the following documents to start a rental

  1. Certificate of Insurance with Momentum Lift Equipment named as additional insured
  2. Working at Heights Training and Aerial Work Platform Training for the operator
  3. Credit card authorization form
  4. Signed contract
What are your payment terms for rental?

You pay upfront for the guaranteed rental period, whether its daily, weekly or monthly rental. Beyond the guaranteed rental period, you will be invoiced and charged on the first day of of the following period and every subsequent period until the equipment is returned.

Do you deliver the machines?

Yes, we deliver the machines to your job site. The cost of delivery depends on the distance. The minimum cost for one hour delivery is $150 each way.

Do you provide training?

The machines are very easy to operate and do not require any special license beyond what would be required for any other MEWP (Working at Heights Certification and Aerial Work Platform Training). All rentals come with machine familiarization for operators at delivery at no additional cost.

Do you require any special certification to operate the equipment?

The machines require the same certifications as any other scissor lifts or boom lifts. In Ontario, the operator is required to have Working at Heights Training and Aerial Work Platform Training.

Do you provide financing?

Yes, we offer financing through different leasing companies so you can choose what works best for you. There are various options like financing with or without residual, etc. to work around your business needs. Please refer to financing or call us at 416.235.0996 to learn more.

Do you offer long term rents?

Yes, we offer long term rents. Just like any other rental, we own the machine, provide regular maintenance. All we need from you is your commitment. The payment terms are like any other rental. You pay upfront for the first month’s rent. Moving forward, you pay on a month to month basis at the beginning of the month. We automatically charge your credit card at the start of each month.

What happens if the machine breaks down during the rental?

Our machines have a young fleet age and are well maintained and inspected regularly. But in the event there is a breakdown, our in-house service technician will assess the problem on-site or remotely and advise your operator on how to get it functional. Since every situation is different, the cost (if necessary) for servicing may vary.

Do you carry parts?

Yes, we stock a number of parts and also have ready access to parts we don’t carry ourselves.

What is the weight of the machines?

Each machine has a different weight. Check out the technical specifications of individual machines to learn more.

What kinds of slopes can the machines operate on?

Each machine has a different specification. Check out the technical specifications of individual machines to learn more.

Do the machines come equipped with a lithium battery?

Most of our machines come with diesel (or gasoline), electric or hybrid options. Some machines come equipped with Lithium batteries. Check out the technical specifications of individual machines to learn more.

Are the tracking non-marking?

All our machines tracking are non-marking. That is why our machines are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Are the machines compliant with the upcoming ANSI changes and CSA?

Yes, all our machines meet the ANSI and CSA standards.

Do you sell new and used machines?

Yes, we carry an extensive range of new machines that we can bring for you on order. You can also buy used machines that we currently have in stock. Be rest assured, we will provide you with the best solutions.

We would like to carry your machines in our rental fleet. How can we do that?

You have 2 options.

  1. You can buy our machines and add to your rental fleet
  2. You can become a sub dealer and get the exclusive rights to carry the machines in your area
What are your requirements for becoming a sub dealer?

We will assess your business, your operations, whether or not you have a service department and what other equipment you stock. We are growing rapidly and award sub dealer status on geographical availability. We require a commitment of purchasing a certain number of machines over a specified period of time.

What are the advantages of becoming a sub dealer?

You get a special discount on machine purchase. We support you with training. All our machines come with first year manufacturers’ warranty. You have the option to purchase a 2nd or 3rd year (extended) warranty from us. We even support you with marketing activities at a minimal cost. You get exclusive rights to your area to rent, buy and sell the equipment.


Do you charge a cleaning fee?

We expect to receive the equipment as we give it to you. If there are damages or the machine is not cleaned, we charge a service fee depending on the state of the machine.

Interested in renting or buying? check out our range of equipment

  • Spider Lifts Spider Lifts

    Italian made Platform Basket machines with impressive outreach, powerful engines and big basket capacity. Enjoy utmost reliability with state-of-the-art technology and safety solutions.

  • Scissor Lifts Scissor Lifts

    Mini crawler scissor lifts featuring the patented bi-levelling system are designed to offer performance, safety and comfort even in the most extreme conditions. Comes in varying heights, engine types and features.

  • Material Handling Material Handling

    Multi-loader is the last generation tracked crawler carrier, equipped with bi-levelling system and radio controls.

  • Boom Lifts Boom Lifts

    Innovative crawled telescopic Jibbi booms from AlmaCrawler have an efficient dynamic levelling system, useful to further improve the safety level of the operators at height, thanks to the possibility of compensating different types of slopes and altitudes.

  • Ground Protection Ground Protection

    The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks, making it a highly versatile product to have on hand. We offer a range of easy to build, lightweight, weather-proof, slip resistant and durable ground protection mats.

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  • Safety
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