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    Versatile Spider 13.80 can help you save time and money

    When you are engaging with Fire Protection and Life safety clients, the challenges are even greater. One such client had to replace the sprinkler system in an underground parking garage, including replacing the sprinklers above the ramp which had a grade of 12 degrees and ran about 80 feet. The client tried multiple options but no other lift or equipment was able to lift on that steep a grade. The only other option was to potentially set up a scaffold at an enormous cost. The ramp would likely have to be shut down a full day for setup, and another couple of days to complete the work and tear it down. With these restrictions, Platform Basket 13.80 Spider was an excellent choice for the client. The machine is synonymous with versatility, compactness and ease of use. The machine has a noteworthy automatic outreach control system, a solution that allows to have more outreach in relation to the weight. With the spider setup in one lane and the boom arm reaching over the other lane, residents were able to be guided up the ramp and out, saving the client time, money and a lot of hassle. Want to know more? Call our sales team at 416.235.0996.

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    Platform Basket 33.15, a perfect solution for confined spaces

    A large construction general contractor client of ours had electrical and plumbing work to be completed in a new industrial build. The construction schedule had moved on with a 1.5 storey platform being built right below the area that needed the electrical and plumbing work. There was constraint of walls elsewhere in the facility, restricting access to all other Aerial Work Platforms (AWPs) on site. The other option would have been to tear down the walls to get other AWPs through to complete the work at height, followed by rebuilding those walls. That meant an increase in costs and revised schedule. Platform Basket 33.15 was the perfect choice. Articulated with telescopic boom, the 33.15 has the best up and over height. The working envelope made it a unique performer. The 33.15, because of its compact design, had plenty of room to navigate through the doorway that was too narrow for the other equipment. Using the Platform Basket spider lift helped the client stick to their timelines and not stray off the budget. Want to learn more? Call our sales team at 416.235.0996.

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  • Spider Lifts Spider Lifts

    Italian made Platform Basket machines with impressive outreach, powerful engines and big basket capacity. Enjoy utmost reliability with state-of-the-art technology and safety solutions.

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    Mini crawler scissor lifts featuring the patented bi-levelling system are designed to offer performance, safety and comfort even in the most extreme conditions. Comes in varying heights, engine types and features.

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    Multi-loader is the last generation tracked crawler carrier, equipped with bi-levelling system and radio controls.

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    Innovative crawled telescopic Jibbi booms from AlmaCrawler have an efficient dynamic levelling system, useful to further improve the safety level of the operators at height, thanks to the possibility of compensating different types of slopes and altitudes.

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    The right ground protection mat can perform various important tasks, making it a highly versatile product to have on hand. We offer a range of easy to build, lightweight, weather-proof, slip resistant and durable ground protection mats.